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Remote Work Software Solutions
A software company is developing a new collaboration tool for remote teams. The focus groups aim to gather insights into the challenges remote workers face in communication, project management, and team dynamics to enhance the tool's design and functionality.
Focus Groups
Female / Male
55% / 45%
18 - 35
Work Remotely
Graduated College
Discussion Items
80% prefer to work from home
67% think prefer rigid schedules
63% do prefer hybrid over fully remote
Key Findings
Next Steps
We simulate interviews
to help you
understand your audience
What does that mean?Speed and Scale
No More
Recruiting participants.
No More
Waiting for results.
No More
Small sample sizes.
No More
Biased responses.
No More
Static snapshots.
Pay less. Do more.
Infinite personas.
Instant insights.
Dig deep.
So how does it work?Modern Research Suite
You choose yourtarget audienceandobjective,
and we'll runsynthetic interviewstodig deep.
This means you can run 100s of Focus Groups and get actionable insights in a matter of days instead of months.
How accurate are our simulations?
Our simulations are based on real-world data, and we're constantly refining our models to make them more accurate.
Don't believe us?
Give it a try, and see for yourself.
Simply put,

Scalable Insights for Strategic Decisions

We've reimagined qualitative research to meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

Accelerate Insights

Cut down research time from months to days.

Reduce Costs

Achieve more with less budget.

Scale Effortlessly

Broaden your research scope without the logistical nightmare.

Guaranteed Consistency

Reliability in every insight.

Let's answer some questionsFAQs

Ora is the Qualitative Research Suite of the future.

  1. Select or define your target audience.
  2. Define your research goal and optionally any key questions you want answered.
  3. Run a simulation at the click of a button.
  4. Generate Summary Report.
  5. Repeat as many times as you'd like.

This is all you need to create and run a synthetic interview. It takes less than an hour opposed to weeks in traditional settings.

Furthermore, you can run it as many times as you'd like, generating an aggregate report.

For example, run 100 Focus Groups With 1000 participants matching your target audience and objective.

We simulate interviews.

This means a select number of AI personas and an AI Moderator engage in a group discussion for a longer period of time. These discussions create transcripts, similar to traditional interviews.

We then use these transcripts to extract insights and generate summary reports.

We have both a proprietary database of specialized personas and a persona generator.

Personas are made up of a variety of traits, including but not limited to varying ethnographic and psychographic traits. Additionally, our Personas can represent experts in any field by accessing domain specific knowledge.

For example, if you are looking for seasoned mechanics from the age of 30 to 50, we sample unique agents representing that persona.

We are currently working with select partners to refine our program. Pricing will vary depending on the size of the project.

If you are interested in testing the tool for free, let's chat: Click Here To Schedule A Call

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